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. satisfying the sweet tooth .

June 5, 2011

Today was one sweet Sunday. Literally!

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Always. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been seduced by the saccharine serpent. My sweet tooth is usually pretty manageable, but today, it went buck. freakin’. wild. Since I made you guys suffer through one of my longwinded speeches yesterday (loved your comments, btw!!), I’ll keep it short and sweet… literally… today and let the pictures do the talking instead…

 . – . – . – .

Breakfast… is the best meal of the day

Eggified/bananafied steel cut oats; caramel & chocolate pudding; roasted almond butter

. – . – . – .

Morning Pick-Me-Up-and-Make-Me-Smile


Cookie dough ball & chocolate pudding with extra cocoa mixed in…
Random fact: I always add about a Tbsp. of cocoa powder to my chocolate pudding to make it even more chocolatey… and then top it with almond butter for an even more seductive experience. Swoooooon.

. – . – . – .

Lunch… is better when it’s breakfast-like

Grainy toast with cream cheese; banana with almond butter & trail mix
MIA: salad beast and protein shake

. – . – . – .

Afternoon Dee-licious Dee-light


Vanilla oat bran with Freek Freek Greek yogurt & melty chocolate chips
Damn typos…

. – . – . – .

Dinner… was neither sweet nor breakfast-like

. . .

This. was. so. good… that it deserves it’s own post. Tomorrow. Promise!

. – . – . – .

Surprisingly enough, I’m not suffering any kind of ill effects from all of my sugar consumption. No sugar coma, no shakes, and most importantly, absolutely no guilt. I wanted it, I went for it, and I enjoyed every. last. bite. I know they say that balanced meals are the key to satiety and satisfaction, but sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a little (or a lot) of sugar. And that’s real life right there 😀

Enjoy your night, loves!

. – . – . – .

Favorite foods to satisfy that sweet tooth?

Any  guesses as to what was in my dinner?

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  1. June 5, 2011 5:31 pm

    Holy toledo… that breakfast looks BEYOND sensational – as do your other meals, but breakfast especially 😀

    Sweet toothed gals unite!

    1.) chocolate, please!

    2.) tortilla, guacamole, cheese?

  2. June 5, 2011 5:37 pm

    How in the world do you make your eggified steel cut oats? I tried to, but the eggs just like cooked like a fried egg would? hrrmm..
    I have a pretty big sweet tooth. I used to tell myself I didn’t, but I actually do. If I wasn’t allergic to cane sugar I would eat chocolate bars like it’s my job. Luckily there are grain sweetened chocolate chips and I always have a bag of those on hand! I also have a habit of drizzling honey and maple syrup on everything (But not quite as bad as Buddy the Elf does 😛 ) Plus, coconut milk ice cream is agave sweetened. All these things make my sweet tooth so happy 🙂

  3. 2tightlywound permalink
    June 5, 2011 5:39 pm

    I love that you embrace your body’s desire for sugar. It is so encouraging for me, as I too am afflict with a sweet tooth, but I often feel so guilty about it!
    Dark chocolate is my favorite… only to be topped by dark chocolate with peanut butter 🙂

    As to a guess of what was for dinner…a breakfast wrap, perhaps? Can’t wait to see the mystery revealed tomorrow!

  4. June 5, 2011 5:42 pm

    Cocoa powder should be added to everything. With the exception of a lot of things. Okay so maybe not everything. But you get the picture 😉

    Your dinner looks AMAZE! Can’t wait to see what it is!!!


  5. June 5, 2011 5:44 pm

    ahhh, I love this, thank you! After all the “no sugar” stuff I’ve been seeing it’s just in time 🙂 I know some people have ill effects from it and do need to limit it…but for now I’m okay with enjoying my snacks on the sweet side 😉
    This is going to sound really lame…but more often then not, to satisfy my (snack) sweet tooth…it’s a bowl of a sweet-ish cereal (lately, kashi berry blossoms) with fruit and peanut butter 🙂

  6. June 5, 2011 6:04 pm

    I think I spy an apple and also some sweet potato or hummus (orangey) and could it be avocado sneeking it’s little green head out?
    Interest (mine) = piqued

  7. June 5, 2011 6:06 pm

    Can I just say I love you? No really, I do. Your amazing, and you have so much insight 🙂 so glad to be a followe of your blog!!

  8. June 5, 2011 6:13 pm

    I need to find some of this almond butter!! and I tried peanut butter on my banana today… delicious!

  9. June 5, 2011 6:14 pm

    I have a huge sweet tooth too, so this day of eats looks right up my alley! 😀 I like having bananas, vanilla yogurt, berries, and dates when I want something sweet (which is basically all the time haha).

  10. June 5, 2011 6:22 pm

    I love that you just give into your cravings. I hope one day I can be so “free” but right now I’m still trying to get the whole. It’s completely okay to eat cereal after dinner/whenever I want thing. I love bananas with anything. I’ve never tried oat bran what does it taste like?! I think I’d like to try it with the greek yogurt since I loooove greek yogurt.
    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s dinner post it looks ah-mazing!
    I’m a HUGE sugar person. I try to suppress the cravings and give into my brain saying ‘eat that savory dish for dinner’ beacuse it’s the only thing I’ve known. I’m working on it though. 🙂

  11. June 5, 2011 6:25 pm

    Adding chocolate to chocolate is so totally something I would do. 😉 Except that I don’t think I can consider chocolate “sweet,” since I like it dark…

    And I am not going to guess, because I’m bad at guessing. :p

    ❤ ❤

  12. June 5, 2011 6:38 pm

    Everyone deserves a day like this! Gosh – I can think of so many ways to satisfy my sweet tooth! I don’t know where to begin! Your eats loom delicious as usual!
    My guess on your yummy dinner creation – I see avocado or guacamole, cheese, maybe an egg in a wrap -Well whatever it is it looks scrumptious! 🙂 aimee

  13. June 5, 2011 6:44 pm

    Two things I MUST say:
    #1 Your food photography is absolutley amazing, every single time I see one of your posts, I have to make a quick trip to the fridge for a snack haha. It also inspires me to get better at my pics and meal creativity!
    #2 Your strength is contagious. I love how much you want to kill any remnant of your ED, it rocks!! 🙂

  14. June 5, 2011 6:50 pm

    i’m the opposite! i don’t have a sweet tooth at all. i love salty things – give me chips + dip and sandwiches any day. 🙂

    you dinner looks like some kind of delicious quesadilla!

  15. June 5, 2011 7:47 pm

    I agree: Breakfast is the best meal of the day! Breakfasts disguised as lunches are a common occurrence for me. The banana is dressed up so pretty, I love it!

    Your dinner does looks tasty, and I don’t have any idea what is, but you can be sure I’ll be reading about it tomorrow 🙂

  16. June 5, 2011 8:02 pm

    For the past week, all my lunches have been breakfast-esque 🙂
    What kind of pudding do you put on your oats? is it homemade?

  17. June 5, 2011 8:13 pm

    I have a semi-sweet tooth. It used to be really bad. Now I tend to eat something sweet once a day after dinner!

  18. June 5, 2011 8:17 pm

    This is my kinda day! Or at least what I wish it could be like everyday. Loving those chocolaty oats! They would definitely satisfy my sweet tooth.

  19. theflourishingfoodie permalink
    June 5, 2011 8:19 pm

    All your eats look yummy! Such pretty pictures too 🙂

  20. June 5, 2011 9:39 pm

    I want all these meals! Right now. At 10:39 PM. They look so delicious!! Actually, there’s a big banana and a jar of PB calling my name right now…thanks for the craving! 😛

  21. June 5, 2011 9:50 pm

    how do u make the caramel pudding you use on your oats??

  22. June 5, 2011 10:03 pm

    i agree that breakfast is the best meal of the day!
    favorite foods to satisfy my sweet tooth = chocolate (obviously), dense chocolate loaf or banana bread, candied ginger, microwaved zbars!

    and diner was almond butter apple avocado quesadilla maybe?

  23. June 6, 2011 12:35 am

    Ohmygosh! I love your meals! I know it is stupid to say, bacause I make my own choices- so I have the power over my life (just doesent feel that way..)- but i want to eat like you! I want to eat without guilt! And I generally just whant to EAT.. like more than two meals aday.. I just woke up, and im hungry, and it really annoyes me!

    • June 6, 2011 1:42 am

      Just after I wrote this, I shaked my head and decide to have breakfast! Who am I to deny my body from food when it screams for it!? So now I enjoy a delicious bowl of mashed sweet potat, almondbutter and maple sirup… mmmhm!
      Thank you for being a great inspiration!!

  24. June 6, 2011 1:23 am

    Everything looks absolutely delicious!! I love your meals and your photography is beautiful.
    My favourite way of satisfying my sweet tooth is definitely chocolate.

  25. June 6, 2011 1:45 am

    Nah, I don’t have a raging sweet tooth at all… 😉 Haha my sweet tooth is actually INSANE, but I love it and roll with it! BRING ON THE CHOCOLATE I say! 😀

    That chocolate pudding. Oh yum. I need some of that in my life!!

  26. czechvegan permalink
    June 6, 2011 3:48 am

    I love this post, all those meals look perfect and tasty, I must control myself in order not to lick the computer screen :))
    I try to tame my sweet tooth with banana soft serves, fruit smoothies, fruit salads..and a huge blobs of nut butters in my oatmeals and generous spinkles of cocoa, coconut etc. And a classic pudding won´t hurt either:)

  27. June 6, 2011 4:37 am

    Guilty pleasures (still working on removing the “guilty” part):
    1). Peppermint patties
    2). Congo bars and coffee ice cream
    3). >70% dark chocolate
    4). Cheesecake

  28. June 6, 2011 4:39 am

    Ahhh I’m so in love with this! I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. I have to literally force myself to eat savory dishes sometimes because otherwise, I really do think I would live on sweet goodness for all my meals and snacks 🙂 At the moment I’m really hating this ‘no sugar’ thing going round the blog world. Fine, I’ll let them get on with it, but my life is too short to have no sugar and it’s what I like so I will damn well sugar load because it’s YUM.

  29. June 6, 2011 5:50 am

    I HAVE SUCH A SWEET TOOTH! I challenge you on ur sweet tooth! i think i can beat ya!.. mine i sCRAZY!!… oo a quesadilla?!

  30. June 6, 2011 7:06 am

    I didn’t have a sweet tooth. I would skip dessert without thinking twice because I just didn’t crave it. Two bites of chocolate were more than enough… for a month. But after I started restricting, things changed. Now I love my sugar. I love dark chocolate, chocolate-covered nuts, bananas, dessert cheese, everything containing coconut…

    I have no idea what your dinner was. I am not good at all at guessing what’s inside wraps. If it tastes good, i don’t really care 😛 .

  31. June 6, 2011 7:08 am

    Breakfast is my favorite MEAL ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always love how yummy and pretty yours look!

    I had breakfast at a hotel this morning, I brought my own oats, but breakfast is just not the same when its not made at home!

    Love you! Happy Monday!! xoxo

  32. sunshinevegan permalink
    June 6, 2011 8:10 am

    I have a huge sweet tooth too!
    I love dipping extra dark chocolat in coconut butter or eating gf waffles with coconut butter, white chocolate PB and bananas!
    No shame in putting coconut butter on everything you eat 🙂

  33. June 6, 2011 8:26 am

    I have been having a sweet tooth lately too! Gotta listen to it though! My favorite way to give my sweet tooth what it wants is some sweet cereal 🙂

    Hope you are having a great monday!


  34. June 6, 2011 9:07 am

    Holy macaroni. That banana is making me swooooooon!!

    I love appeasing my sweet tooth! 🙂 No shame in being hungry 😀

  35. June 6, 2011 9:51 am

    You are seriously my idol right now. I have such a sweet tooth and would happily eat nothing but sweet foods for each and every meal… but, girl, you really know how to eat! This post was exactly what I needed to see right now at this exact moment in my ED recovery. All these foods are foods I could see myself eating and loving… and in sufficient quantity to fuel my poor body!

    My favorite sweet meal is cottage cheese mixed with yogurt and sweetened, with a 1/4 cup (or more…) of cocoa powder stirred in. And today I stuck it in the freezer for a bit before eating it and it got super thicky and rich. Oh my goodness. So good.

  36. June 6, 2011 10:16 am

    I think you are my favorite blogger.
    I like how you piece together things at lunch also. Sometimes I feel guilty because my lunch is not just a ginormous salad, but a bunch of stuff (including lotsa yogrut 🙂
    You help me feel that maybe it is okay (did you do that when gaining also? Sometimes I worry that I make things “too complex” and that maybe that contributes to my extreme fullness and bad problems dans la bathroom …sorry!) Maybe I should be more simple?
    Your salads always look great too (saw on your last post…not sure how u make them so beautiful…i always add 1/2 avocado to my salads…always adds to it so much!).

    Regarding “reality” in your last post…so true. I think to escape into non-real worlds,we should turn to books instead of food-warped worlds. I just did a post on the latest books I read if you care to read anytime!

    I get a sweet tooth also. In terms of sweeteners , I have to add sugar or stevia or something to hot drinks for sure.
    Chocolate is yum. Sometimes I crave it. It might be some inherent need for magnesium…or just being “normal” 😉

    I’m trying to get better. The extreme fullness and lack of hunger is the hardest I think. I think exercisng would make that a ton better. But my body is just useless to me. I ache, I’m stiff, I’m lethargic and tired. So hard to know how to do things “right”. I know I complicate my meals and snacks; I think I eat too much and actually worsen my bathroom and tummy distress; i know my dairy love is not a good thing…but I’m not willng to cut out things or reduce them.

    I keep hoping the mind is more important and that i should be able to eat anyhting without restrictions…maybe i’m stubborn or stupid, but its like I just don’t wanna eliminate or restrict…who knows.

    Love your post. Looks like a good day…sweets should be a chronic thing. And really that is not a “sweet” day. A sweet day would be eating 3 tubs of ice cream for lunch 🙂

  37. June 6, 2011 11:02 am

    Hmmm…your dinner looks like something melty and delicious in a rice tortilla/wrap.

    I am secretly hoping it is hummus, apple and cheese…because that is amazing…but I also am wishing for an exciting new combo because I love wraps!

  38. June 6, 2011 11:21 am

    I’ve had a CRAZY sweet tooth too- and my mama just baked these amazing chocolate chip oatmeal cookie bars which I can’t get enough of! Chocolate is my main homie when it comes to satisfying the sweet tooth…or cakey stuff! Yummmmm

  39. June 6, 2011 1:15 pm

    I wonder this every time I read your blog – what are all these puddings you talk of!? What are they made from?!
    I like just good old chocolate to satisfy a sweet craving. It will never be beaten!

  40. June 6, 2011 2:33 pm

    I suddenly have a big craving for pudding now! 😉

  41. June 6, 2011 4:39 pm

    hell yes for sugar! I just roll with my sweet tooth, and love to see others doing the same. I’ve been at so many occasions with dessert lately, and I am not going to let moments pass when I could just live them!

  42. June 6, 2011 6:59 pm

    Hey girl! I just found your blog and I love how inspiring you are. I’m in recovery from an ED and even though I’m doing so much better than I was 2 years ago, I still have a long way to go. I just love that you aren’t at all afraid to eat whatever you want because that’s what we’re supposed to do!

    Anyways, I have a huge sweet tooth too. I can’t understand people who can eat a savory breakfast! Breakfast is my favorite meal and I always eat something sweet at every meal. I LOVE fruit way more than veggies and I would totally love to try eating all sweet meals one day!

  43. June 8, 2011 9:03 am

    Had one of those days myself! Love them 🙂 gotta try chocolate pudding! I’ve been relying solely on dark chocolate chips for my fix!!!

    just found your blog, love the title 🙂 can’t wait to read more


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